Danling Xiao

Danling Xiao, Mundane Matters

Danling Xiao

Founder, Mundane Matters

Chinese-born Australian artist and designer Danling Xiao pursues her creative career in both art and design, with a strong focus on sustainability and community. Danling founded Mundane Matters, originally started on Instagram to explore her creativity with the most ordinary materials - fruits and vegetables. Over the past two years, Mundane Matters has developed into a multidisciplinary creative practice that voices for ethical eating, plastic-free living, minimal waste living and renewable energy.

Commiting to creating one piece of art and writing a day since May 2015, Mundane Matters has been well received globally - trended in several viral websites and featured in more than 30 magazines and TV channels, including The Huffington Post Japan and Australia, Mashable, DesignBoom, Design Taxi, ABC International, to name a few. Danling has exhibited her work in Sydney, Paris and New York; hosting talks and workshops at Apple Sydney, Superlocalstudio, Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Powerhouse Museum (Sydney Design Festival 2016), Purpose Conference 2016 and The Mind Diner by The OPERATIVE (Art Month Sydney 2017). Mundane Matters has also been selected for the City of Sydney’s Sitework, a two-year project set to change Sydney’s cityscape.  

To Danling, the most important thing as an artist, designer and social entrepreneur, is to be able to make a positive impact on people’s lives and the environment through creativity. It has become a mission for Danling to inspire and encourage people who resonate with her work. These people include friends and family, audiences and participants from her talks and workshops, and a growing number of 40,000 fans on Instagram.  

Danling also works as a senior graphic designer and brand consultant. 



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