Daniel Keogh

Daniel Keogh

Daniel Keogh

Educational Games Designer, 3P Learning

Amongst a convoluted career Daniel has consistently specialised in making science fun and accessible for young adults. He currently works with 3P Learning's IntoScience helping to produce educational games and interactive content to teach high school students about wondrous stuff in science: from playing basketball on the moon to exploring the world's oldest limestone caves system.

At VividSydney he will be joining the conversation at Beyond the Physical: Reimagining Digital Experiences in Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums to discuss IntoScience's Jenolan Caves project, which set out to scan the caves using the CSIRO Data61's patented technology Zebedee scanner and convert it into a 3D environment for students to explore within the IntoScience platform. 

Daniel's work has appeared across a variety of media including ABC TV's Hungry Beast, Radio National's The Science Show and on stage across Australia for National Science Week. He has collaborated with numerous institutions and businesses including the National Maritime Museum, University of New South Wales, Commonwealth Bank and The Royal Society of Chemistry. He like to play games with his academic hat on. 

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