Dale Miles

Dale Miles, Artist

Dale Miles


Listen to Dale Miles share his approach to sculpture and the public space as he joins the panel for 'From Studio to Clifftop: insights into the artists and process behind Sculpture by the Sea'.

Dale Miles is a Sydney based artist whose work encompasses a diverse range of approaches to sculpture. He graduated from the National Art School in Sydney in 2006 with Honours and has studied Ancient and Renaissance Art in Italy and France. He is also an Art Educator who has lectured on Painting and Sculpture at the Art Gallery of NSW, the National Art School and is currently employed at Sydney Grammar School.

His work for the last seven years, has focused on exploring new ways to expand on the lineage of relief and pictorial sculpture. He is particularly interested in creating forms that contain both sculptural and relief language set in a space that allows the viewer to move behind the visual illusion and perceive the works mechanics and function on the eye.

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