Daisy Cousens

Journalist and political commentator

Daisy is a freelance journalist, political commentator, and (occasional) provocateur based in Sydney, Australia. She graduated from the University of Sydney in 2015 with a Master of Creative Writing; preceded by a Bachelor of Music at the Australian Institute of Music, and a Bachelor of Arts at Macquarie University. Soon after completing her Masters, Daisy became a chief contributor at online magazine SheSaid, and in 2016 began contributing to The Spectator Australia. Her focus is political ideology, culture and satire. She was also the Editorial Assistant at Quadrant magazine, and remains a continuing contributor for the Quadrant print edition.

Along with The Spectator and Quadrant, Daisy writes for deadcentrepolitics.com, with a focus on the conservative stance. She was a speaker at the Fifth ALS Annual Freidman Conference 2017, focussing on identity politics, the trials of being a feminist ‘apostate’, and how third-wave feminism is harmful to women. Daisy enjoys sports journalism, and has freelanced for The Roar, with a focus on tennis. She has also appeared on Q&A, ABC News24, Paul Murray Live, The Project, Jones and Co, The Bolt Report, and Mark Latham’s Outsiders. Daisy is delighted to be taking part in VIVID’s ‘Borrowed Voice: Freedom of Expression vs Cultural Appropriation’, and is looking forward to exploring the highly contested issue of cultural appropriation with a healthy dose of humour.

Speaker’s event

Borrowed Voice: Freedom of Expression vs Cultural Appropriation

Borrowed Voice
City and Surrounds
07 Jun, 06:00 pm - 08:00 pm