Cybelle Ledez

Director of Service Design, Department of Human Services, Australian Government

Cybelle Ledez is the Director of the Design Studio within the Australian Government Department of Human Services. She is one of the key forces guiding the organisation towards discovering and practicing meaningful human-centred approaches to service design and delivery.

Cybelle’s passion is to bring empathy into government projects so those involved better understand the behaviours, needs and motivations of users. As part of the challenge to embed a human-centred design approach into the public sector, Cybelle has brought the voices of the most vulnerable citizen’s to the room with public servants in policy and service delivery areas, to ensure that outcomes are designed for the end-user. She actively brings together various agencies to work collaboratively to design and deliver solutions that are tangible, effective, meet user needs, and achieve better outcomes for government.

Cybelle has adopted a co-design approach to improve outcomes in government, social welfare, education, training and industry in Australia, London and Nepal. She holds a Masters in Professional Communication (USQ) and a Masters in Management (ANU). She is a classically trained pianist, 90% vegetarian, enjoys regular yoga and is known for taking her team on guided meditations to help visualise a better possible future.

Speaker’s event

REMIX Sydney 2016 Summit: Culture, Technology, Entrepreneurship

REMIX Sydney 2015 - Summit on Culture, Technology, Entrepreneurship in partnership with Google, Bloomberg and The Guardian
City and Surrounds
02 Jun - 03 Jun, 08:30 am - 06:00 pm