Colleen Windsor

In the seventies I lived, worked and loved in Kings Cross. As a Les Girls showgirl we worked hard doing three shows, six nights a week, entertaining locals and tourists. We were treated like stars everywhere we went, I was young and life was exhilarating and glamorous.

We were seen as freaks on the one hand and as the most beautiful boys in the world on the other. But in Kings Cross, along with the strippers, the call girls and other associated misfits, we were at the heart of Sydney’s then exciting nightlife.

Later in the eighties I found myself at the heart of the then Gay Sydney, performing at the Flinders Hotel and the now legendary Mardi Gras soirees. For many years I sat on the Board of the DIVA Awards, doing my bit to showcase and nurture a spectacular Sydney drag industry.

These days as a features writer, I tell the stories of Sydney’s LGBTI history, Gay Sydney and my memories of Kings Cross — I love to share the connection of the past and the present.         

Speaker’s event

Kings Bloody Cross: Queens of the Cross

Kings Bloody Cross - Queens of the Cross
Kings Cross
27 May, 11:15 am - 12:30 pm