Christo Hall

Become an Idea Machine

Christo Hall

Co-founder of Basic Bananas

Christo is a clever entrepreneur, marketing strategist, international #1 bestselling author and co-founder of and

When it comes to tried-and-tested marketing to attract new business, Christo is the man. He has helped thousands of business owners to create powerful strategies, add millions in additional income and build scalable marketing systems. He has the rare ability to see the big picture business plans and transition into the finest of details.

Christo has always been very entrepreneurial – he claims to never have had a ‘real’ job – learning how to make money and appealing to clients at a young age. After being a full-time professional surfer for eight years, he became a full-time entrepreneur (working part-time) and hasn’t looked back since.

Christo is known for his out-of-the-box thinking and leadership, and for not playing by the rules of convention. Together with Franziska Iseli he will reveal how to improve your 'idea muscle' to come up with better ideas in the event 'Become an Idea Machine - Everything worthwhile starts with a great idea'

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