Chelsea Wise

Head of Behavioural Science, Pureprofile

Dr Chelsea Wise has a PhD in Marketing (Consumer Behaviour and Choice Modelling) and brings more than 12 years of research and consumer marketing experience to both academia and practice. A former lecturer at UTS, Dr Wise founded the university’s Behavioural Marketing Lab, a centre dedicated to state-of-the-art research with a focus on consumer neuroscience and eye-tracking projects. She has led global research projects, partnering with universities worldwide, and has published several peer-reviewed journal articles on consumer confusion and decision making. 

As well as her strong academic credentials, Dr Wise has experience applying her deep research knowledge in commercial contexts to improve the consumer product experience and business outcomes. She has previously worked at Quantium, GALKAL and OMD Australia. In her role at Quantium, Chelsea was Client Lead for customer analytics at Woolworths Supermarkets, leading the use of loyalty data to support commercial priorities. In her current role as Head of Behavioural Science at Pureprofile, Dr Wise plays a key role in developing research-based products that offer new behavioural and motivational consumer insights for businesses. She also leads a landmark global longitudinal study – The Values Project – partnering with leading academics worldwide.