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Cave Urban was formed in 2010 to investigate vernacular lightweight structures and their relevance to contemporary design. 

Cave Urban first came to the public's attention at the 2012 Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi. Their work Mengenang was awarded the People’s Choice at both the Sydney and Cottesloe exhibitions. Since then Cave Urban has also collaborated with a number of international artists to create large scale public works.

What began as a means for research has developed into a practice that explores the intersection between art and architecture through the sutainable use of bamboo.

Core team members include:

Nici Long

Nici Long has run her own architectural and design practise for 30 years and is the founder of Cave Urban, a collective dedicated to the study, design and practical application of sustainable systems for living through art and architecture. Key areas of interest include living structures, passive energy systems, resource recycling and the use of bamboo as a low-energy, renewable and structural material.

Juan Pablo Pinto

Chilean architect and sculptor Juan Pablo was born in Santiago in 1978. He studied Architecture at the University of Chile and holds a Masters in Sustainable Design from The University of Sydney. Co-Founder of international collective Cave Urban, he started carrying out research in bamboo structures and vernacular architecture in 2011. He participated in a series of bamboo workshops and cross-cultural exchanges in Thailand, Taiwan and Portugal. Throughout his career Pinto has had a close involvement with large scale installations and public sculpture. His work encompasses a wide spectrum of materials; from the traditional—steel and bronze, to the ephemeral—bamboo, ice and snow. He has represented Chile in several snow and ice sculpting competitions around the world including competitions held in China, Japan, Argentina and Canada. 

Jed Long

Jed Long studied architecture at the University of New South Wales. Seeking to expand his design skills, Jed developed a passion for sustainable design and artistic installations through a series of workshops and cross-cultural exchanges in Thailand, China, Japan, Taiwan and Portugal. Jed has fostered a strong connection with a series of educational institutions across Australia and has spoken internationally on Cave Urban’s artistic practice. Jed is currently on a Winston Churchill Fellowship.

Mercurio Alvarado , Lachlan Brown , Ned Long and Honey Long are also part of the collective.

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