Caroline Marcus


Caroline Marcus is a reporter and anchor at Sky News Australia and a columnist for The Daily Telegraph. She has previously worked as a reporter for Channel Nine, The Sunday Telegraph, The Sun-Herald and Singapore’s The Straits Times, and has been a columnist for Queensland’s The Sunday Mail.

Her commentary regularly explores what she considers the scourge of identity politics and political correctness, and often draws upon her own Jewish and Singaporean heritage. Caroline has done extensive reporting around refugee and asylum seeker issues, becoming the first television journalist to travel to and report from the controversial Nauru detention centres with Channel Nine’s A Current Affair last year. 

She looks forward to contributing her thoughts to Borrowed Voice: Freedom of Expression vs Cultural Appropriation. Caroline lives in Sydney with her husband Jake and their very spoilt rescue dog Alfie.


Speaker’s event

Borrowed Voice: Freedom of Expression vs Cultural Appropriation

Borrowed Voice
City and Surrounds
07 Jun, 06:00 pm - 08:00 pm