Bryony Cooper

Bryony Cooper is the executive manager of City Access and Transport at the City of Sydney, responsible for transport policy development, transport planning and the promotion of active travel. The unit works closely with internal and external stakeholders to realise an accessible city which offers high levels of mobility and amenity.

Bryony’s career in urban and multi-modal transport planning has focused on large and complex city areas. She recognises the fundamental need to consider both land use and transport together to create sustainable and liveable cities. Bryony believes these city outcomes to be fundamentally important in directing technological changes in mobility.

Bryony’s work has included strategic urban planning, major transit infrastructure development, behavioural programs and project implementation. She understands how big projects can translate into community outcomes – both good and bad. Bryony holds a BSocSc (Geography and Planning) from Birmingham University and a MSc (Transport Planning and Management) from the University of Westminster.

Speaker’s event

The Mobility Revolution

The Rocks
29 May, 06:00 pm - 08:00 pm