Bronwyn Hemsley

Bronwyn Hemsley

Associate Professor

Associate Professor Bronwyn Hemsley, from the School of Humanities and Social Science, is a speech pathologist with an interest in disability and the use of information communication technologies that help to connect people online.

She views the rapid growth of digital connectivity as a new opportunity for enhancing online communication for many people who often lack good access to information. Through three major research projects, Hemsley explores how social media, eHealth records, and health informatics solutions can help people to participate in their own healthcare, in an online society.

Bronwyn is currently leading a joint research project investigating Twitter as a way of communicating to help people who have experienced stroke, cerebral palsy, autism, motor neurone disease, or a brain injury to get their message across. Bronwyn explains that the team's initial findings indicate Twitter can help people with communication disabilities share information and be included in online communities.

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