Bianca Spender

Bianca Spender

Bianca Spender

Founder & Fashion Designer of Bianca Spender

Bianca Spender is forging a reputation for intriguing modern clothes with a fiercely independent attitude. Her collection is known to mix structure with fluidity, resulting in looks both sophisticated yet spirited. Intelligent pieces often draped from a single piece of cloth are an important source of inspiration. Of paramount importance to Bianca in the design process is finding a sense of balance.

With references ranging from art to music to historical dress, Bianca seeks a new modernity. A lifetime's exposure to the fashion industry and mentoring from her mother, acclaimed designer Carla Zampatti, encouraged Bianca to pursue fashion. Study in Sydney and three years of internships in Paris fortified her ambition to have her own label. A fresh approach, Bianca's eye for detail and strong focus on shape, form and tailoring has given her a distinct signature style that is gaining a discerning and loyal following.

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I'll Be Happy When...

Perfection is paralysing.Success in design is a balancing act between productivity and creativity. As creatives, how do you know when your work is finished...

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DesignByThem | I'll Be Happy When | Vivid Ideas 2017

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