Ben Doolan

Founder and Director, FivePointFour Meals

What began as an attempt to keep a few of his mates on track with their health has turned into a business that is tracking to turnover $15 million this financial year. 26-year-old Ben Doolan is the founder of FivePointFour. He holds Bachelors in Psychology and Health Science, as well as a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy. 

A dedicated athlete, Ben participated in decathlons, competing in javelin and high-jump, while working full-time at a sports supplement shop. Motivated by his sports performance, Ben poured hours of his time into researching the best macronutrient breakdowns, experimenting with recipes, feeding intervals and portions. His background and experience led him to launch FivePointFour, which has served up more than 3 million meals to about 20,000 Aussie customers. It has 150,000 Facebook followers and almost 20,000 on Instagram. 

With each meal sold, FivePointFour donates money to The Hunger Project which works to break the cycle of poverty worldwide.

Speaker’s event

The Hunger Project's Vision to Action Workshop

Hunger Project's Vision to Action Workshop
City and Surrounds
28 May, 01:00 pm - 05:30 pm