Ben Crothers

Ben Crothers Principal Design Strategist, Atlassian

Ben Crothers

Principal Design Strategist, Atlassian

Ben is Principal Design Strategist for Australia’s most desirable Tech Company, Atlassian. Plus, his side projects are all about social good, making a better world.

When you are this talented, you don’t have to do meaningless work. He quickly sees the big picture, where the disfunction is coming from, and how to steer people’s existing energies into making things great, making life work out. 

Ben is master at making the smallest possible intervention, for the greatest possible benefit, and gets his teams, his clients able to do this too. 

He is ‘locally famous’ for the one little button he added to the social pages of the World’s Greatest Shave website, which resulted in an extra $1million of micro-donations. In Ben’s words “I like to design to change lives, not just the décor, but even more than that I like to bring out creativity in others.”

Most importantly, Ben is really funny.

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