Aunty Judy Durand

Native American Elder

My name is Judy Durand. I am so pleased to be introducing myself to you. I am of Cherokee heritage. I was born in California, USA and grew up in Orange County and enjoyed my childhood with my parents and my brother. Stones and gems have always fascinated me and that is how I was called to become the Custodian of huge ancient stones, millions of years old that came from an inland sea. 
Through my connection with Aunty Ruby Rose, I now feel called to share my connection to this place and am opening up a space for the women and girls and Grandmothers to come home to Country at last and share the message of the ancient water stones. Take a message, leave a message and spread the word of Grandmother teaching. I know the time is “now” to do this work and to help birth the new world, or new way of life and being.
Respecting our ancestors; honouring the Spirit embedded in this landscape and embracing water stones is something we can all do. Each morning as I walk out over the mountains with my beautiful dog, I can taste in that new morning dew the promise of better things to come.