Angela Stengel

Head of the Content Ideas Lab

Angela Stengel is the Head of the ABC's newly formed Content Ideas Lab, a team responsible for exploring fresh content ideas that connect with new audiences. As digital lead for ABC Radio, Angela aligned content and product teams to a common goal of the launch of the ABC listen app with the podcasts Ladies, We Need To Talk and How Do You Sleep at Night. Applying human-centred design techniques to content projects has been part of Angela's work at ABC for some years, a highlight being using a "Jobs To Be Done" approach to set up ABC's first digital only podcast commissioning which led to top rating podcasts Science Vs, Rum Rebels & Ratbags and Confession Booth. Angela joined the ABC in 2008 working for ABC Innovation and went on to ABC Radio working at Classic FM. Previously Angela has worked in editorial and digital roles in arts, media and education.

Speaker’s event

The ABC Guide to How To Build a Hit Podcast

The ABC Guide to How To Build a Hit Podcast
The Rocks
03 Jun, 12:00 pm - 02:00 pm