Andrew Garton

Andrew Garton

Andrew Garton

Filmmaker, writer, producer, Secession/Films

Andrew is a filmmaker, creative producer, musician and writer with a history in community media and pre-internet computer networks. His work spans the genres of non-fiction film-making, short-format documentary, non-linear radio documentary drama, projected video and sound installations. In recent years Andrew has collaborated on short films and sound works with the last forest communities of Borneo (Sarawak Gone), an extensive media arts project with young people from refugee backgrounds (Bamiyarra) and bush fire affected communities (Forged from Fire).

Andrew co-founded the online media arts collective, Toy Satellite, creating unique and collaborative works for festivals, broadcasters and cultural institutions across Asia, Europe and Australia. He was the inaugural Program Director for Open Channel, Producer and Operations Manager for EngageMedia and had been a long-term board member of the international Association for Progressive Communications.

Andrew is presently working on the feature documentaries Ocean in a Drop in association with the Dehli based Digital Empowerment Foundation and Forged from Fire in collaboration with bush fire affected communities in the north-east of Melbourne.

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