Amelie Künzler & Sandro Engel (Germany)

Urban invention founders who are invited by Steven Bai 2016

Amelie Künzler & Sandro Engel (Germany)


Sandro Engel graduated from the HAWK Faculty of Design in Hildesheim with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media. He has always been interested in the graffiti and the street-art movement, and had already established a special relationship with urban space while he was at the univeristy. He originally launched the StreetPong project together with Holger Michel.

Amelie Künzler is currently completing her Master’s degree at the HAWK Faculty of Design in Hildesheim and previously attained her Bachelor in Product Design from the same faculty. Shortly after the start of the project, she got onboard with the StreetPong team.

Since then, she has been driving the product development of the traffic-signal button forward along with Sandro Engel, she is part of the management of the company Urban Invention.

Founded by the duo, Urban Invention aims to question everday situations in urban life and reinvent them, and they firmly believe that certain problems in the urban area are supposed to be solved in a playful and exciting way.

Amelie and Sandro are talking at Redesigning Urban Invention - CIty As A Service.


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