Alison Pate

Alison Pate

Alison Pate

Executive Coach & Mentor

Alison Pate is an executive coach and mentor with over 25 years of global leadership experience. With specialist expertise in leadership development, team effectiveness and client service delivery, she has assisted major corporations in numerous industries to elevate their leadership teams and operations to exceptional standards. She uses her learned skills and holistic approach to increase self-awareness and enhance both performance and wellbeing to ensure that the desired behavioural change and transformation becomes intrinsic to her clients’ success as leaders.

2017 i4 Tales Conference Topic: The Advantages of Adversity
Everyone has or will experience adversity at some point in their lives. Adversity is part of life and accepting it will help us better prepare for it and overcome it. How we deal with it depends on a myriad of aspects. Our sense of self and the strength of our internal resources - determination, resilience and persistence as well as the external resources in terms of our support system of family and friends all play a part. There are learning opportunities in every adverse situation. Depending on how we choose to perceive adversity, can significantly alter the outcome.

Join Alison on June 3rd at Billy Blue College of Design,
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