Alice Woodruff

Director, Active City

Alice is director of Active City, an independent consulting practice that specialises in active transport planning and travel behaviour change interventions. Her work and interests sit squarely within how we make our cities — especially our precincts, workplaces, schools and suburbs — sustainable, happy and healthy communities. Her lens for city shaping is how people access and choose to travel through urban places.
To design and implement successful travel behaviour change interventions, plans and policies requires integrating and translating across disciplines, as well as listening and responding to multiple communities and stakeholders. Active City’s projects intersect transport planning, place making and urban design, as well as community development and organisational change.
Alice has designed strategic plans and delivered behaviour change interventions, working with a host of workplaces from major corporates, to smaller businesses and retail centres; as well as universities, hospitals, dozens of schools and other local communities across Australia.