Alexandra Hullah

Alexandra Hullah, Watch this Space

Alexandra Hullah

Coordinator, Watch This Space

Alex is a South African born artist, with a background in Fine Arts and Design.  Her multi-disciplinary art practice spans film, photography, installation, curation and her first love of painting. Alex is deeply passionate about the arts and its ability to form connections, explore our understanding and create possibilities in how we relate to the world.

Alex is currently the Coordinator at Alice Springs' artist run contemporary art gallery Watch This SpaceA highlight, has been directing a 3 week experimental arts festival called Free BBQ Cash Giveaway, in which the DIY creative spirit of Alice Springs was thoroughly celebrated. 

The day-to-day 'norm' for Alex at an the Alice Spings artist run initiative is: building giant musical caterpillars, bat caves, free bbq floats, large-scale bush tucker public murals, wrangling artists and of course, heat and flies.




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