Adi Goodrich (USA)

Adi Goodrich. Set Designer and Art Director. USA

Adi Goodrich (USA)

Set Designer and Art Director

In her studio, Adi and and the team create all sets in-house and by hand. They find it critical to maintain them handmade in a time when digital tools have taken dominance in most creative fields. Adi’s work is not limited to Set Design. She has also progressed to directing commercials, designing interiors, doing production design, illustration, photography, animation, event design as well as furniture design.

She is inspired by art history, foliage, the history of craft, traveling for new found inspiration, printed matter and instills all of these ideas into the worlds she creates.

She has received awards which include the Presidential Merit Scholarship from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Art Director’s Club Young Guns Award. Some of her clients include Sony Music, RCA, Apple, Macklemore, Nickelodeon, Facebook, Wieden + Kennedy and The Hollywood Reporter.

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