Resident and Stakeholder Information

Resident and Stakeholder Information

This page is designed to provide contact information for our resident and stakeholders to reach the Vivid Sydney team for operational queries during the event period.

You are able to find transport and road closure information on our website, Live traffic updates will be housed on


The event period will run through 3 stages; bump in, event period, and bump out.

  • Bump in: 10 - 23 May
  • Event: 24 May - 15 June, lights on from 6pm - 11pm nightly.
  • Bump out: 16 June - 25 June

Stakeholders and residents may notice an increase in activity surrounding their area.

Contact numbers for different queries can be found below and will be active from May 10, 2019 (with the exception of the Vivid Sydney Operations number which will be live from May 13, 2019).


Traffic Management: 0459 457 230 or
Noise Complaints: 0438 733 076
Vivid Sydney Operations: 02 9137 3252
Accessibility: 0429 897 028 or
Towed Vehicles: 132 701


Please note that the footprint of Vivid Sydney may temporarily impact your emergency evacuation locations from the beginning of bump in, Friday May 10. Please review the Light Walk map for any potential changes.