1000 Cranes - The Rocks

The Rocks

The Rocks, Sydney NSW 2000

The route for the Light Walk stretches for more than 2kms from The Rocks to the Sydney Opera House and through the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney. Vivid Sydney includes major projections and installations at the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Customs House and the ASN Co. heritage building in The Rocks.


At the Overseas Passenger Terminal, experience Earth, which melds detailed NASA imagery of the Earth’s surface with a haunting cosmic soundscape. It will give you that same sense of awe and wonder experienced by astronauts as they viewed our planet from outer space over 50 years ago.


Perching close to each other in George Street, The Rocks, are two installations featuring unusual forms of bird life. 1000 Cranes is a canopy of 1000 hanging origami cranes that light up as people flock together under its shelter. The work is based around an ancient Japanese legend of hope, symbolised by the folding of 1000 origami cranes, known collectively as Senbazuru.

Nearby is Peacock, captured in that proud moment of dance when it displays its colourful plumage. It’s an abstracted image made from an array of dynamic, colour-changing light tubes. Step inside the light tubes and become the ‘Sydney Peacock’.


First Fleet Park, next to the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, is a top spot for children and families with many child-friendly light sculptures and installations designed to particularly delight young visitors. The endearing inflatable light sculptures of Harmony Valley: Rainbows of Peace & Trees of Friendship generate friendly interaction and when a few people team up to link hands across its rainbow of light, sound and animation spring into action. Fugu may be modelled on a lethal pufferfish but it nevertheless captivates young audiences by expanding and contracting its spiky, rotating form, while glowing and pulsating with colours. Nearby, the Garden of Sweeties sugar coats its invitation to learn more about renewable energy by offering playful interaction with a garden of sweets, lollipops and striped candy canes.

Watch Virtual Vibration transform the façade of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Experience Cadmans Cottage as in transforms into a virtual BALLpit