Vivid Light

Installation at Vivid Sydney
Installation at Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney's light program illuminates the city with glowing immersive installations and super-scale kinetic sculptures in public spaces as well as vibrant projections that reveal our iconic architecture and city buildings in a totally different light.

Treacle Media’s epic 3D quest Vorax by master storyteller Ho Sheung Ning animates the neo-classical façade of Customs House. Immersive walk-through installation Patterns of Nature fills First Fleet Park with the lights and sounds of nature. See prolific Australian artist Helen Eager's vast portfolio brought to life as New York Sunday on the façade of the MCA and gaze across to Sydney Opera House where Martu Artists' Yarrkalpa (Hunting Ground) lights the sails.

Crowded Cadmans introduces supernatural characters by Sydney-based artists living with disability at Cadman’s Cottage. From there, you can lace between Kin, Manta Rain, Equilateral, Critical Point and Fall en route to Hickson Reserve, which is home to the screen-based contemporary dance artwork Dawn by Norway’s Anastasia Isachsen, and is a perfect vantage point to be inspired by Sharing the Same Life Essence by Rhoda Roberts AO, Wayne Quilliam, Yakkazoo and Ignatious Jones AM projected on the southern pylon of Sydney Harbour Bridge. Walk through immense interactive projection Holi inspired by India’s Festival of Colour. Nearby, discover director Bim Ricketson’s One Big Backyard projected on Campbell’s Stores and the giant kinetic flowers Light Sentinels on the way to immersive tunnel projection Symbiosis in the Argyle Cut.

From the immense astronomical installation Corpi Celesti by Italy’s Associazione Culturale Spell Bound at Barangaroo, continue your light journey around to Darling Harbour where you’ll find Trilogy outside Sydney Aquarium and Stalactite fused to Pyrmont Bridge. DNA, Incirrata and Eventuation flank the water’s edge in front of Harbourside Shopping Centre while Gravitational Grid, Mangata and Resonance beckon you past the International Convention Centre toward Palm Grove. You’ll feel like you’re floating through champagne as you tread the boardwalk across Cockle Bay where Ephemeral’s giant effervescent bubbles elicit boundless joy and wonder.

Venture Through the Wormhole into Tumbalong Lights inclusive playspace featuring the installations Neon Dream, Wooden Deity and Macula before discovering the giant strategy game Bauhaus Chess Set by collective Amigo & Amigo on Tumbalong Boulevard.

Together, these works share the gift of creativity with each of us, a gift that sparks our imaginations, beckoning us carry the torch into a brighter future.

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