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Vivid Ideas event
Vivid Ideas event

Vivid Ideas hosts an array of thought-provoking talks, deep-dive discussions and industry-leading conventions. Dare to think differently as we celebrate the Mavericks and the Misfits of the world. They’ll urge you to be curious about what’s ‘next’ and challenge you to radically shift your perspective.

Comedian, author and ‘devastatingly effective’ advocate Magda Szubanski joins award-winning author of Phosphorescence Julia Baird for a fireside chat on the healing power of laughter, nature and the arts. Find out how Magda has navigated intergenerational trauma and self-acceptance, and what now illuminates her days.

Advocate, actor and radio presenter turned I Weigh provocateur Jameela Jamil upends stereotypes and empowers us all through her crusade for body positivity and progress, not perfection. (Live via video link).

Proud Yorta Yorta man, the multi-talented Briggs dives into life’s absurdities and injustices with tattooed lockdown saviour Nat’s What I Reckon who is famed for his hilariously viral iso-recipes. They talk music, mayhem and more.

Transgender role model and Trauma Cleaner Sandra Pankhurst teaches us how to harness inner strength and overcome adversity with her impeccably good grace.

Writer, filmmaker and Let’s Talk About Sects podcast host Sarah Steel takes us deep into the coercive world of cults, revealing their machinations and why you might be more susceptible to cult-like thinking than you realise.

See the landmark documentary Brazen Hussies and meet film director Catherine Dwyer who reveals how the feminist crusade of 1960s and 1970s echoes in our recent rallying cries for gender equality that reached a crescendo in the March for Justice on Parliament House.

Find fun, free events across the city as part of the Unexpected and Unorthodox series, which brings music, ideas, art, science and fashion together in a 3D magazine that comes to life before your eyes.

Learn from the best at Vivid Ideas Exchange where you can cherry-pick short, sharp sessions on data and technology, creativity and design, innovation and STEM, and more. You’ll find expert talks and hands on workshops to help you unleash your creativity and fine tune your skills.

Bring your friends, your burning questions, your courage. There’s no better place to open your mind and find your voice than Vivid Ideas.


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