The Great Place Debate: Place Making – a Product for Property Development

The Great Place Debate: Place Making – a Product for Property Development
30 May 2017
17:30 - 20:30
The Connection, 30 Shoreline Drive, Rhodes

The Great Place Debate: Place making: a product for property development not a process for the people.

The plan is this, you arrive by 5.30pm, enjoy a drink and network with the great and good of ‘placemaking’ in the Asia Pacific. From6-8pm enjoy The Great Debate!

There’s an ongoing discussion in place in practitioners circles about the meaning of place and its true value. For some it is a form of market-based prospecting and primarily embeds new development and communities. On the other side of the debate are those who assert it is a populist movement to reclaim the sense of community and identity which makes a neighbourhood tick and is in fact an exercise in social justice. The Great Place Debate will explore if place really is more than the cappuccino effect and if it delivers convenience, choice and the illusive cool factor our colleagues in real estate need for sales.

As is the form with debates, the exceedingly select audience will be as aware, engaged and keen to contribute (aka super well-informed) as the people on stage, but we do have an esteemed panel at the nexus of design, development, innovation and policy:

Facilitated by

Kylie Legge: Director, Place Partners

The Affirmative Team:

Andy Hoyne: Principal and Creative Director, Hoyne

Sam Shepherd: Managing Director, Bellringer Property Group

Narelle Hutchins: Head of Place Strategy and Design, AMP

The Negative Team:

Gilbert Rochecouste: Founder and Managing Director, Village Well

Matt Jones: ‎ General Manager of Digital Futures and Program Delivery, Federation Square

Valli Morphett: ‎ Founder, Morph-it - People Place Create

This event is delivered as part of the BIG IDEAS IN PLACE: Place Leaders Asia Pacific Conference 2017

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