2018: Spotlight on Vivid Sydney Precinct: Chatswood

2018: Spotlight on Vivid Sydney Precinct: Chatswood

06 Apr 2018

Submitted by Vivid Sydney

Be sure to visit the Chatswood precinct during Vivid Sydney 2018 for an electric celebration of food, fashion, light, the planet and the stars.

Don’t miss out on a range of dazzling light sculptures and installations as Chatswood is transformed into a vibrant, futuristic city from 25 May to 16 June. It’s time to start planning your Vivid Sydney 2018 adventure. Read on to discover some of the amazing highlights at Chatswood this Vivid Sydney 2018.


Light Market


Built by Light Market producer Victoria Harbutt, Sydney-based scaffold sculpture artist Alejandro Rolandi, and a local team of volunteers - the creative market stalls at the Light Market are built from recycled materials, and will host a wide range of sensational foodie delights. The pop-up market is influenced by the street markets of Brazil and will be lit up with shining lasers for audiences to enjoy the dazzling lights and interactive light installations. Just touch the installations to hear the sounds and tastes from around the world!

Free event, for more info click here.

25 May - 16 Jun, 5:30pm-10:30pm


Future Scape

Audiences of Future Scape will be taken on an inspiring journey through space, with its large scale 360 projections of NASA imagery. As the centrepiece of Vivid Sydney at Chatswood, the art will cover the sails of The Concourse, and also the Grand Stairs, Reflection Pool, and grassed area to create a truly immersive experience, allowing audiences to explore the solar system.

Free event, for more info click here.

25 May - 16 June, 5:30pm-10:30pm


Life in 2050

Watch in amazement as Chatswood morphs into a futuristic cityscape each weekend. Enjoy a creative and colourful artworks being made in front of your eyes at Anderson Street (North side). Audiences will be able to observe artists like Thom Buchanan and Elaine Chui creating major live artworks, projected live on a new wall on The Concourse.

Free event, for more info click here.


Thom Buchanan: 25 May - 26 May, from 7pm to 10:30pm

Elaine Chiu: 7-9 June, and 14-16 June, from 7pm to 10:30pm


Tech Shift Exponential

Get involved in the technological revolution and help save the environment along the way! Head to Chatswood to enjoy a series of talks held at The Concourse on 15 June. The conversations will highlight the intriguing and inspirational developments across three key areas, including the energy revolution, the resource revolution and many more!

15 June

1:00pm-4:30pm followed by networking drinks/meet the speakers 4:30pm-6.00pm


Thinking about heading to Chatswood this Vivid Sydney? Find more awesome Chatswood events here, or explore more precincts here.  



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