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Jun Yi Loh

Thoughts and inspiration from an award winning Uni student: Jun Yi Loh

Q. What led you to pursue a career in architecture?

A. I started architecture simply because there is nothing more important than a home in one’s life. Throughout the years of studying I found architecture is more than that; it is not just home building but space building.

Q. What are your thoughts on sustainability in relation to current and future architecture trends?

A. I think the term ‘sustainability’ is the keyword and very important for future development. When asked about the term sustainable, often people will ask questions like: how much energy does a building generate and how ‘green’ is the design etc. We are so caught up to a point that we forget that architecture responds not only to the environment but to the people living in it.

Q. Can you explain a little about your award winning design, it's inspiration and your thoughts on sustainability?

A. I am interested in exploring a sustainable way of living and how it can be incorporated into architecture. I took my graduation project as an opportunity to explore this topic further. Taking Pyrmont as a testing ground, my project was to produce a design to accommodate the exponential growth of population and high density living within the city. My take on that is simply responding to the need of food to sustain the growing population and the distribution of food.

1 Bligh is  one of my early inspirations for the project and was a great project that introduced Sydney to double skin façade and raising awareness of environmental sustainability in vertical architecture.

Throughout the year, University of NSW lecturers Dr Philip Oldfield and Ivan Ip have been instrumental in providing me guidance and support that help me push my designs forward.

Jun Yi Loh is the Winner of '1 Bligh Street Master of Architecture Final Year Prize in Sustainable Highrise Architecture'. Jun Yi Loh is part of Ghost in the Design - Inner Forces Driving Local and Global Architecture, on Saturday 3 June as part of Vivid Ideas.