Behind the brand with The Beach People

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Victoria Beattie

One half of The Beach People duo, Victoria Beattie discusses staying true to the brand, who would be her dream mentor and what she is excited to chat about at New Beginnings Fair.

Q. If you could choose anyone in the world to be your mentor, who would it be?

A. Karl… always Karl… Lagerfeld that is… mmmhhh actually I am quite happy with the support I have in my parents and friends. They are incredible.

Q. What is it like working with your sister by your side?

A. We absolutely love it. We were so afraid entering into the business that it could damage our close friendship… we rarely (if ever) argue and both think the other is brilliant at what they do. We are polar opposite’s so that helps. But we are the best of friends and really enjoy each others company at work and outside of work.

Q. You're known as the makers of seaside luxe essentials. What made you decide that you wanted to branch out from 'Roundies' and into a range of other products?

A. We grew up around the ocean and with entrepreneurial sea loving parents.The Beach People is just a flow on of our lives. We produce products that are tried and tested by us… inspired by our lives by the sea.

Q. The Beach People has such a distinct brand aesthetic, how do you make sure all your designs are in alignment with your brand vision?

A. It’s hard to put our finger on the ‘how’ The Beach People is just us… we make brand decisions easily as we (Emma, myself and our team) just know who we are.

Q. What are you most excited to talk about at New Beginnings Fair Sydney?

A. Ooohhh, I am so excited to talk about the behind the scenes, the real Beach People story that you don’t see on Instagram and share some stories that I hope will help others on a similar journey! Can’t wait to come!

Victoria Beattie is an expert in design, and Co-founder of The Beach People. Victoria is presenting at New Beginnings Fair on Friday 2 June, as part of Vivid Ideas.